Meet Tomas: Communications Intern at EUMETSAT

Interview with Tomas Teresciukas, communications intern at EUMETSAT.

Hi Tomas, could you introduce yourself?

I’m Tomas Teresciukas from Lithuania. I am studying advertisement and marketing at Lancaster University, UK, where I am about to finish the last year of my Bachelor’s degree.

What does your role as a communications intern involve?

As a communications intern my role is to work towards spreading awareness about EUMETSAT’s activities through the means of online channels. In practice I have to write articles for EUMETSAT’s blogs, the L-Zone and the Climate blog. Another task is the analysis of social media: my work here at EUMETSAT has been focused on finding efficient ways to create a positive experience for the audience through the social channels. On top of that, I helped organising the event that took place during the launch of the MSG-4 satellite. Seeing a launch live was a truly amazing experience.

What skills and personal qualities are important for this role?

Creativity, curiosity and proactiveness are the most important assets for an internship in the communications department. Creativity because you need to constantly think of ways to make the content more engaging, curiosity as you need to be interested in what you are communicating and in actively seeking out useful information, and proactiveness because you have to think forward and propose new projects.

What do you like about your internship?

I really love the freedom I have to create my own opportunities and challenges. Here at EUMETSAT I am encouraged to propose my own ideas and projects and I have the chance to show my creativity and develop it further. On top of that I especially enjoy working in such an international environment: people come from different backgrounds and they all are generally very friendly and happy to help.

What is your advice to someone interested in this field?

My advice would be to always work with clear objectives and results in mind. Regardless of the task you are carrying out, you have to be focused on the outcome in order to plan properly. And last I would recommend keeping up with the latest news and developments in the field to be always up to date.

What are your goals for the future and how do you feel this internship will help you achieve them?

This internship was a great experience as it gave me an incredible set of skills that I will be able to re-use in any field I might be working in the future. Satellite industry is one of the areas I am interested in and if possible I would like to come back and work for EUMETSAT. In general I was very lucky because I had the opportunity of applying what I am studying into practice and I got to develop a lot of useful skills.


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