Explore the stratosphere with ASGARD

Have you have dreamed about sending something into space?

The ASGARD project, launched this September by ESERO and the Belgian Meteorological Service (KMI/IRM), can help make your dream come true.

Students have to come up with their own scientific experiment to send to the stratosphere with the ASGARD balloon. The experiment will focus on observations that have to be carried out from near-space.

The project that is the most innovative will be selected by a jury of experts and prepared to be launched on the ASGARD balloon on Thursday, 28 April 2016.

All schools all over the world can participate and send a project that will be reviewed by a jury. Teams must be composed by maximum 5 students and 1 teacher.

The proposals have to be submitted before the 11th of November.

Find out more about ASGARD.


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