2015 in pictures

2015 was an eventful year that saw multiple storms, hurricanes and cyclones, the launch of the MSG-4 satellite, the Minecraft competition and a rise of an El Niño event.

Here’s a collection of images published on our Flickr channel, comprising the most diverse phenomena.

  1. Californian wildfires

Image of wildfires in California as captured by the AVHRR instrument onboard EUMETSAT’s Metop-B polar-orbiting satellite at 17:57 UTC on 18 June.

  1. Kliuchevskoi Volcano, Kamchatka

Ash cloud is visible from the Kliuchevskoi volcano on the snow-covered Kamchatka peninsula (highlighted) on 4 May.

There are more than 300 volcanoes in Kamchatka, 29 of which are currently active. Find out more.

  1. Frozen North

Image of snow and ice cover (cyan) in Norway and Iceland as seen from Metop-B, EUMETSAT’s polar-orbiting weather satellite on 26/03/15 11:22 UTC.

  1. Solar eclipse

Meteosat-10’s view of the eclipse at 09:00 (UTC) on 20.03.2015. The Eclipse was one of the highlights of this year being especially visible from Europe.

  1. Dust storm from the Sahara moving over the eastern Mediterranean Sea

Large dust storm from the Sahara moves over the eastern Mediterranean Sea as seen by EUMETSAT’s Meteosat-10 satellite (RGB image top and dust product bottom – dust is bright pink colour) at 08:00 UTC on 01/02/2015.

The dust product can be seen online here

  1. MSG-4 lift off

Image of the MSG-4 lift-off aboard Ariane 5 Flight VA224 from CSG in Kourou, French Guiana. Its first image was successfully delivered on the 4th of August. Relive the experience of the launch from the point of view of a young researcher.

  1. Tropical Cyclones Goni and Atsani

Composite image of Tropical Cyclones Goni and Atsani (formerly Tropical Depressions 16 & 17 respectively) from 09:00 UTC on Monday 17 August 2015. Composite images are prepared using infrared data from the geostationary satellites of EUMETSAT, JMA and NOAA over a computer-generated model of the Earth, containing NASA’s Blue Marble Next Generation imagery.

  1. Haze over the Java sea

Forest fires on Kalimantan and haze visible over the Java Sea – as seen from Metop-A, EUMETSAT’s polar orbiting weather satellite (02:43 UTC 26/10/15).

  1. Tropical Cyclone Chapala

Image of tropical cyclone Chapala in the Gulf of Aden, captured by the AVHRR instrument onboard EUMETSAT’s Metop-A polar-orbiting satellite on Monday 2 November 2015, 06:55 (UTC). Chapala was one of the strongest cyclones to hit Yemen.

  1. Antarctica in Summer

Sea ice in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica, as seen from EUMETSAT’s Metop-A satellite (18/11/15 1010 UTC).

For daily updates on the extent of sea ice at the poles see the EUMETSAT OSI-SAF website.


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