Learn about water and oceans on World Water Day 2016

To celebrate World Water Day 2016 we created a round-up of cool educational games and factsheets around the internet on the topic of water, seas and oceans.

My Submarine Ocean Explorer

Brought to you by: NOAA Office of Exploration and The College of Exploration

In this game you get to explore the oceans onboard a submarine. There are different levels to the game, each one comprising oceans’ features such as animals, volcanoes, ships and others.

My Ocean

Producers: Telos Entertainment , National Geographic Games

This interactive game takes players on an adventure through the Indian, Atlantic, Pacific, Antarctic, and Arctic oceans. Each ocean contains multiple levels. Passing one level, allows you to go to the next one. People playing My Ocean learn about food chains, ocean health, and conservation by adding organisms to different ocean ecosystems.

Ocean Exploration Timeline

Brought to you by: Seasky.org

This is a tool to learn the history of ocean exploration throughout the ages via a timeline with fun facts for every century.

10 interesting things about water

In this factsheet NASA explains in a fun way 10 things you didn’t know about water on Earth.

The whole website is full of games and interesting materials on various topics such as this post explaining what happens in the oceans.

Two minutes on oceans

And finally here you can find a series of videos “two minutes on oceans” produced by UNEP where cartoonist Jim Toomey talks about different topics concerning how the oceans work and their health.


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