The Transit of Mercury

Last week has been marked by an Astronomical event that was visible from different corners of the Globe: Mercury transiting the Sun.

Usually occurring in May or in November, the transit can be seen around 13 to 14 times every 100 years.

On Monday the 9th of May, NASA Solar Telescopes recorded at around 7:10am a small dot drilling its way into the Sun’s disk.

On the video above, we can see Mercury gliding down in front of the Sun, to end its trajectory 7 and a half hour later!

All eyes on Mercury as the sun shines right behind the small planet. A way for us earthlings to meet and great one of the planets of our solar system which is rarely visible from the eye as it usually moves either above or below our line of sight with the sun.

Here at EUMESAT, we thank Carsten and the people from the Astronomy club who immortalised the event from our roofs.


See our own shots of the transit below!


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Jonas Cuenin