Climate education week

Following Earth Day on April 22, it’s already climate education week. Below we identify some online tools that can be explored to learn more about our climate.

In occasion of this year’s event, NOAA released a set of teaching principles to educate the youth around climate.

The principles are identified as follows:

  1. Sun is primary energy
  2. Climate is complex
  3. Life affects climate; climate affects life
  4. Climate is variable
  5. Our understanding of climate
  6. Humans affect climate
  7. Climate change has consequences

Head to NOAA’s website to check out the infosheets here.

NOAA partnered with the CLEAN project (the climate literacy and energy awareness network) to develop the learning information and the CLEAN website is also full of great resources to learn more about climate.

If however you’re looking for practical ways of learning, the Earth Day organisation website is full of experiments and quizzes to learn more about our planet’s climate.

For French speakers you can always head to MétéoFrance’s education site here offering material concerning weather and climate.

With all this online resources, you just have to make your pick!


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