Le concours Learning Zone 2018 est maintenant ouvert !

Nous vous avons écoutés... Vous avez été nombreux à nous faire part de propositions très intéressantes pour le thème du concours 2018. Nous nous sommes réjouis d’avoir reçu autant de suggestions sur le recyclage et le ne ...

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The 2018 Learning Zone Competition is now open!

You talked, we listened! Lots of really great ideas were sent in for our 2018 competition theme, and we were happy to see so many suggestions focused on recycling and cleaning up our planet. ...

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What goes on #insideEUMETSAT

Ever wondered what it is exactly that we do here, who is using our data and why? Jonas Cuenin, Videographer at EUMETSAT answered some of those questions whilst working as a curious former Communications Intern in a serie ...

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