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2015 L-Zone Minecraft Competition Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered for making it a great competition!

mc_trophy Winners


9 year-old Janis from Germany won this category thanks to his attention to detail, accuracy and presentation, plus going 'just that bit further' in creating a ground station for his chosen satellite.

The judges were particularly impressed that Janis managed to do this in Minecraft Pocket Edition.


16 year-old Hao Yang He from the United States won this category for his outstanding attention to detail, capturing the Jason-2 and Metop satellites in breath-taking detail.

The addition of fully annotated screenshots helped the judges decide the winning entry in  this competition category.


8 year-old Joshua from Indonesia won this category for a combination of ingenuity, creativity and originality with his design 'The Diamond Satellite'.

The judges were particularly impressed by the sheer volume of features Joshua managed to pack into his design.


The judges were simply blown away by 16 year-old Isaac's incredible design, featuring a multi-level space observation platform, which he christened 'Deep Particle Station'. 

The scale and complexity of Isaac's design won the judges' admiration which led to him winning this category.

mc_trophy-silver Runners-up

2015 Minecraft Competition - Lauri Karanko

Runner-up, EUMETSAT Satellite Designs category (13-16 yrs) ...


The judges were impressed with the fidelity of 12 year-old Theiss' designs, when compared to the original satellites. The additional cool features, like the displays and control room, also helped.

The judges particularly liked the automatic glass doors on the rear of Metop.



14 year-old Lauri's design impressed the judges with its sheer scale, as well as fidelity to the satellite.  The cavernous interior was so big it had been colonised by bats!

In particular, it was clear Lauri had taken the time to research the interior layout of the Meteosat satellite design.


12 year-old Pol's design impressed the judges greatly in what was a hotly contested category. His was the first entry to include full crew facilities, including a gymnasium.

Pol went to extra lengths in constructing a separate area, from which he created a map just to serve as the display for his Gym machines.


The judges were extremely impressed with 16 year-old Valdemar's titanic space station, which he built with the help of his friend Asger. So much so, in fact, that his score was a single point behind the winner in this category!

The scale and complexity of Valdemar and Asger's design was simply breathtaking. The image compositing that the pair undertook also made their design stand out.

mc_trophy-bronze Honourable Mentions

Although the following entries did not win, the judges felt they deserved special praise for their efforts.

(6-12 yrs)


(13-16 yrs)


Custom Designs
(6-12 yrs)


Custom Designs
(13-16 yrs)


2015 Minecraft Competition - Ippe Luning

Ippe Luning, an 11 year-old boy from the Netherlands, just sent us this very nice version of our Jason satellite. His creation has dishes ...

2015 Minecraft Competition - Shannon Berchem

Shannon, 14 from Australia, sent us this wonderful design, accompanied by a short story: Year 1313: Log.138.Galaxy Surfer X2AUS.:Repair ...


2015 Minecraft Competition - Jan Urios Machin

Jan, who is 8 years-old and from Spain, designed this very nice version of our Meteosat weather satellite. Jan was very accurate in build ...


2015 Minecraft Competition - Sophie Ni Dhomhnaill

10 year-old Sophie from Ireland, decided to create her own version of the International Space Station for her entry into our 2015 Minecraft ...


2015 Minecraft Competition - Julius Emmeluth

16 year-old Julius from Germany, blew us away with this staggering custom design, which he called MESAT-01. We were extremely impressed b ...

mc_judges The Judges

To judge the competition, the Learning Zone enlisted the help of a group of final-year students from the Technical University of Darmstadt (TÜD), Germany, who kindly gave up a good deal of their free time to assess the 131 entries into this year's competition.

We'd like to introduce them to you now:



Name: Lucas Bialowons
Age: 19 years old
Studying: Physics B.Sc.
Name: Maximilian Tippmann
Age: 20 years old
Studying: Physics B.Sc.
Name: Sebastian Frebel
Age: 20 years old
Studying: Computer Science
Name: Tobias Schreiber
Age: 21 years old
Studying: Physics B.Sc.


Comments from the judges included:

"It was a real challenge to evaluate the wide range of satellites from so many entrants as fairly as possible. All of the designs were exceptional from their backgrounds, ideas and / or interpretations, to the amount of effort that went into them" -- Tobias Schreiber

"Really great designs from the entrants. It was fun to judge them!" -- David Brandt

That's it for this year!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and keep an eye on the L-Zone for future competitions!