Explore Minecraft Antarctica

Did you start building your satellite for the Learning Zone Minecraft Competition?

As we are receiving the first entries, the competition is getting exciting and the possibilities for Minecraft satellite designs are endless.

With a bit of imagination Minecraft can be used for some amazing projects, and one that recently caught our eye is a 1:1000 scale recreation of the entire frozen continent of Antarctica, built by research scientist Martin O’Leary, from the Swansea University in Wales. It took him more than three billion blocks!

The scientist said this model helped him give his research on ice sheets a tangible “face”.

O’Leary’s Antarctica is a whole exploration experience: you can start as a real adventurer from Rothera Point on Adelaide Island, as many explorers do, climb the Beardmore Glacier and see the lava on Mount Erebus’ volcano.

Navigate the continent from your computer and get inspired by this amazing project to head above the Earth and build a Minecraft satellite!

If you’re looking for ideas for your competition entry, look here.

Images credit Martin O’Leary.

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