Checking air pollution from your Smartphone

Ever felt like checking the levels of air pollution in your area?

This could be one-click away from your Smartphone.

Scientists from the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) in Barcelona, Spain recently experimented with the combined use of Smartphones and sensing technology to determine where and when air pollution is at its worst.

The experiment equipped 50 school children with Smartphones that had the capacity to monitor the pollution in the routes they took every day from home to school in order to help them find the most sustainable paths.

This is not the first initiative to monitor air pollution: for example the Breathe Project in Pennsylvania had a system of webcams installed all over the Pittsburgh area to check pollution levels and to help identifying actions to improve air quality.

The innovation of the Spanish project stands in the fact that Smartphones can be used to give you real-time news about the air quality of the area you are passing through, giving you the possibility to choose a healthier route.

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