Minecraft Competition – Eoin O’Connor

10 year-old Eoin sent us this satellite from Ireland.

We really appreciated Eoin’s explanation of his project.

Eoin said: “There are two space stations in total. One of them has fighter ships and a few living quarters, the other has the main living quarters. The space stations have space for some 200 pilots, air traffic controllers and soldiers. In the living quarters, there are bunk beds and a kitchen. There is an armoury, too, with armour and weapons. There are chests for individual soldiers with bows and rifles, which I named m37 rifles. There is a special chest for the sergeant major and one for the field commander. The larger space station has two turrets, as it is the more military ship. They are for shooting down other space ships. On top, there is an air traffic control tower, a bit like a radar. There are cool-looking fighter ships, two big ones and two smaller ones. I made them look very futuristic. There is a number of computers. The space stations have solar panels. By the way, I also put a sign in my country, Ireland.”

Eoin has demonstrated a striking creativity and we really liked his satellite/space station and the video of his project:


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