Girls’ Day at EUMETSAT

EUMETSAT opened its doors again to a group of 20 young women for Germany’s annual Girls’ Day.

The aim of Girls’ Day is to encourage women to become involved in workplaces that in the past have been dominated by men.

The girls, aged 12 to 16, spent the day with us getting to know more about who we are and finding out more about the role of satellites in providing weather and climate data from space.

As well as listening to presentations from people who work at EUMETSAT, the girls also received a tour of the building by current interns who explained what they have learnt during their internship.

The girls also did some hands-on experiments with infrared (IR) temperature sensing, using handheld IR thermometers to monitor changes in temperature in real time.

As in previous years, EUMETSAT was a popular choice with all of the places for this year’s Girls’ Day snapped up in less more than two weeks!

Hopefully, some of the participants will decide to follow a career in engineering or science and we may get to meet them again in the future.

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