2015 Minecraft Competition – Janis Lizio

9 year-old Janis from Germany built this impressively accurate rendition of EUMETSAT’s METOP-B satellite, along with a custom designed ground station, using only the Pocket Edition of Minecraft.

Janis said:

“I have recreated the satellite Metop – B because it works in a team and sends parallel data with Metop -A. 
The satellite transmits weather information to the ground systems and records climate data, monitors the weather and issues warnings if, for example, a hurricane at sea is headed for the coast.
So far the main receiving station for Metop is located in the Arctic. Since on the other side EUMETSAT has no station yet, I thought about building one in Antarctica: the EUMETSAT Antarktikum”.

We particularly liked his attention to detail, especially the accuracy of the Metop satellite design.

Janis’s design won ‘best entry’ in the 2015 competition’s 6-12 EUMETSAT satellite design category.


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