TOP 10 Educational Resources for Learning about the Weather and Climate

The Internet is full of pages where you can find interesting facts about monitoring the weather and climate. To save you time and trouble searching for them, we have made a top 10 list of online educational resources. Feel free to drop us a message if you know any other great learning tools that are out there!

10. National Weather Service: JetStream – Online School for Weather

Did you know that the ocean has layers? Have you ever seen pictures of a massive wave crashing onto the deck of a large ship? The oceans play a key role in shaping our weather and climate and this website explains why.

9. Cyclone Center

Did you know that human eyes are better than advanced computers when it comes to interpreting satellite storm images? If you want to train your eyes and become an expert on storms, sign up for this highly engaging learning tool.

8. WMO for Youth

This website provides a good overview of ways in which meteorologists obtain and use weather data. There is also a “Just for Fun” section, where you can find links to games, quizzes and cool science experiments.

7. NASA Precipitation Education: Weather & Climate

NASA has its own educational website where they upload all sorts of interesting material. They even have a game where you can build your own satellite!

6. educational resources

From breathtaking videos of frozen Earth to seasons and eclipses simulator, this website contains hundreds of great tools and videos that will bring you one step closer to becoming a climate expert!

5. Météo-France education website (in French)

For French speakers the Météo-France website is a great tool to learn more about the weather and climate. Some of the animations are also in English.

4. Met Office

The science behind the weather is very complicated – luckily the Met Office in the UK has made it much easier for us to understand in their weather science web pages. Why not also try looking at their informative factsheets and Learn about the Weather YouTube channel?

3. Monitoring Climate from Space (ESA course on

Plenty of videos full of spectacular images, interesting facts and articles, quizzes, and much more – this five week course will answer all of your questions about monitoring climate from space. Also, each topic has its own comments section where you can ask additional questions and discuss the material with the others.


If you have a weather related question, chances are that you will find the answer on If you want to get a taste of what it’s like to be a weather scientist, have a look at their list of top 10 ideas for weather fieldwork.

1. NOAA Education Resources

Whether it’s oceans, weather or climate that you are most interested in, NOAA has a simple yet very informative website with lots of fascinating resources in it. For example, have you ever heard of derecho storms? We recommend you checking out the multimedia section for each topic, as there are plenty of interesting things to explore there.

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