Meet Marco: Engineering Intern at EUMETSAT

Interview with Marco Bosco, Engineering Intern at EUMETSAT.

Hi Marco, could you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Marco Bosco, I come from Italy. I am a PhD student at the University of Bologna, where I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering.

What does your role as an engineering intern involve?

I support the development of software that analyses Metop ground station data. I have to code and test scripts that allow this data to be visualised in nice graphs and tables.

Another type of software I am responsible for is used for supporting the scheduling of Metop passes over the ground station in Svalbard. This is important because we need to prevent Metop and the American NOAA satellites from overlapping with each other.

Overall, the purpose of my work here is to ease and support the activities of the ground station engineers.

What skills and personal qualities are important for this role?

In the beginning, you have to come with a lot of enthusiasm, as you need to learn lots about the project and its missions.

I noticed that people in my team really appreciate when you take the initiative and propose new ideas, so ability to come up with new solutions is important.

Also, you need to have good teamwork skills, as you need to discuss your work with other people, listen to their needs and suggestions and try to find solutions that work well for everybody.

Naturally, such technical skills as programming and knowledge about space and ground systems are needed to achieve good results.

What do you like about your internship?

I like how people at EUMETSAT are true experts in their fields who are always willing to share their knowledge with you, always ready to explain how things work.

Also, seeing how my work here is appreciated and applied to real ongoing space missions really motivates me to keep working towards new solutions. It really is a great hands-on experience of a real high-tech project.

What is your advice to someone interested in this field?

I would highly recommend looking for similar internship opportunities during your student experience because they really broaden your knowledge and help you to expand your professional network of people who are experts in this field.

Being aware of projects and missions of companies and organisations in this field is important too, as it helps you to decide in which career direction you want to focus in the future.

What are your goals for the future and how do you feel this internship will help you achieve them?

My goal is to keep working in the satellite operations and ground systems field until I become an expert.

Apart from understanding the problems and solutions of this specific field, I also became more aware of the working dynamics of such an international organisation.

Seeing the importance of my work here, coming back to EUMETSAT would definitely be something that I would like.

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