The space elevator

As we saw with the launch of the MSG-4 satellite earlier this summer, the technology available nowadays allows us to send big objects, such as satellites, into space with the help of rockets.

But what about the future, are there easier ways of getting satellites and even astronauts out into space?

A Canadian space company thinks it has a solution with their recently patented inflatable “space elevator”.

The space elevator would be a tower designed to be 20 km high in the sky and built with reinforced inflatable segments.

And inside there would be an elevator that would end in a platform  from which space planes would be used to propel satellites into space.

The benefit of this imaginative idea would be that the elevator would remove the need for the vertical flight and drop-off stages, which are very energy intensive, reducing the cost of launchers, rockets and fuel.

Read more about the ThothX tower here.

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Image credits: Thoth Technology Inc.

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