A record of 20 very strong hurricanes and typhoons in 2015

This year, a record of 20 hurricanes and typhoons have reached Category 4 and 5 strength in the Northern Hemisphere, which are the highest on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

The record was broken on Saturday 17 October 2015 when Koppu became a super typhoon near the Philippines.

And the list keeps growing with Champi reaching Category 4 strength and the newest hurricanes Olaf and Patricia developing in the last week.

Patricia is the latest, with a strength of Category 5, near the coast of Mexico as of Friday 23 October and is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Pacific.

According to Dr. Phil Klotzbach of Colorado State University, the previous record for the Northern Hemisphere was of 18 strong hurricanes and typhoons back in 2004.

This year, Super Typhoon Maysak was the first to reach Category 5 at the end of March. Since then, at least one Typhoon or hurricane of high intensity has been recorded each month.

Below is a roundup of typhoon and hurricane pictures captured from weather satellites.


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