Isaac Jaynes talks about his experience in EUMETSAT’s control room

Isaac Jaynes, was one of the winners of the 2015 Minecraft Competition, and because he lives near EUMETSAT he had the opportunity to visit us to pick up his prize during the summer.

Little did he know, that during the tour of the facilities he would also be offered the chance to gain a bit of practical experience at EUMESTAT.

Isaac was very enthusiastic at the prospect and spent two weeks of his school holidays working at EUMETSAT in the control room, where satellites are monitored 24/7.

Here are Isaac’s impressions on the internship.

Why did you choose EUMETSAT for an internship?

I chose EUMETSAT because when I received the tour of the Headquarters as a Minecraft Competition winner , everything I saw was really interesting. I decided that an internship at EUMETSAT would be the best way to learn more about what you do.

What did you learn during your two weeks?

During the 2 weeks, I learned how EUMETSAT’s network of satellites functions, and I even got the chance to send commands directly to the satellites. Another great experience was that I got to check some images of the Earth even before they were sent out to the weather services.

What did you find the most interesting?

The most interesting thing I learned was swapping from one ground station to another to control one of the satellites.

Would you recommend the internship here and why?

I would really recommend an internship at EUMETSAT, because everyone who works there is so friendly and helpful and the things you get to do are just amazing.

Another reason would be because the food at the cantine is really good 🙂

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