Sentinel-3 launch seen through the Northern Lights

After this post where we explained what the Sentinel-3 ocean-monitoring satellite will do, we are happy to report that the launch took place on Tuesday 16, at 18h57 CET.

Taking off from Plesetsk, Russia, Sentinel-3 has now successfully reached its orbit.

The video above shows the exciting moment of the liftoff.

Weather conditions during the launch where so good, that photographer Antero Isola even managed to capture the launch from Karigasniemi in Finnland, almost 1500 Km away from Plesetsk, in this amazing video published on a Finnish news website.

Credits: Yle news website and photographer Antero Isola.

Credits: Yle news website and photographer Antero Isola.

The video is particularly breathtaking as the satellite is shown shooting through the sky among the famous Northern Lights, making for a very unique view.


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