The space game

The European Commission has in store a lot of learning activities.

One of these, is a webpage comprising different material about space.

The purpose is to learn about space and satellite applications through quizzes, animations, comics and games.

The “All U need is space” comic is available in multiple languages and features the story of a young student discovering how much her life is affected by space technologies and data.  The comic also has many references to famous movies and TV series and it is fun to see how many one can spot.

Based on this comic, the EC also built a cool game where the characters from the comic need to navigate among a space centre to help a professor build a mission to reach Mars.

The characters navigate a space map and go from the control room to the communication room passing by the mission room, and at every “pit-stop” there is a fun game or quiz to complete in order to pass to the next level.

There are four levels to complete in order to finish the game and every level is full of new learning games.

Read the full comic here and help Elena Oscar complete their missions here.

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