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Jonas Cuenin, our new intern in the communications division at EUMETSAT, is preparing a series of vlogs to share his experience on the L-Zone.

Jonas, who has just completed his Bachelor of Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London, wants to give you a glimpse of his life at EUMETSAT, showing what it’s like to work here in six instalments.

He will meet different people and show you around the Headquarters.

“It will be a representation of the daily life of an intern and a reflection of my personal experiences as an intern here at EUMETSAT,” Jonas said.

“It will be about really fundamental stuff, such as what is the UTC clock and the difference between LEO and GEO, how people work together, in meetings in the cafeteria or the Council Room, which is like a Parliament and really impressive.

“I want to reflect all of that.  It’s not really what you expect from a big space organisation – there is a combination of formal and informal.”

The weekly v-logs will start to appear on the Learning Zone at the end of July.

So stay tuned and #FollowJonas

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