Track the astronauts on the ISS

Are you wondering where the international space station is?

Do you want to know if astronauts are flying above your house?

NASA is here to help with its “Spot the Station Service”!

With this service you can enter your country and city and the programme gives you a list of time-frames and directions on when and where the ISS will be flying above you.

In this way, you just need to look up in the sky at the proper time and direction and, provided that weather conditions are clear, you will be able to see the station flying.

It is a great tool also for planning viewings with a telescope.

The website also gives good tips on how to do “station watching” ad gives you the opportunity to give feedback by sending your pictures.

Also, if you sign up with the proper information, the website will send you directly heads up alerts in order to prepare on time.

Image credits: NASA.

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