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Adrian Jost is a young student that came to EUMETSAT in 2013 for a two weeks internship. He came back last week on the occasion of a TEDxRheinMain tour of our control centre and we took the opportunity to interview him and get his impressions about his experience.

What is your background?

I am Adrian Jost, an 18 year-old student attending high school here in Darmstadt. This year I will have my final exams and will proceed to university after the summer.

How did you hear about EUMETSAT and how did you come to do your internship here?

I have always been interested in scientific subject, and when I had to choose a placement for my school I was looking for something that would be related to science. I first heard about EUMETSAT from my uncle who came here on an open day visit. He told me a bit about the organisation and that is how I got the idea of applying for an internship at EUMETSAT.

What did you do and learn during your internship?

I did my internship in the control centre under the supervision of Mr Phil Harvey. It was a great experience: for two weeks I felt part of the team controlling the satellites and I learned a lot about telemetry, satellite manoeuvres, warning systems and I even got to go on a field trip to Usingen to visit the ground station with its big antennas.

What was your favourite part? What is your best memory?

It is difficult to pick something as I really loved the overall experience, the environment and the people. Everybody was very welcoming and eager to explain how things function. I loved it so much that it gave me the idea of studying meteorology and I stayed in touch with my supervisor to ask him advice on what subjects to study.

Why are you interested in the field of meteorology?

At EUMETSAT I was introduced to meteorology for the first time. I never thought about it as a subject to study but during my internship I became fascinated by it and made it my mission to become a meteorologist.

What would you like to do in the future?

I am mostly interested in climate modelling and weather forecasting and I would like to focus my studies on climate and meteorology. The internship made such an impression on me that my biggest dream is to work at EUMETSAT one day.

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