10 impressive storms of 2016

To welcome the new year we made a gallery of our favourite storm images of 2016.

1. Subtropical storm Alex

Tropical storm Alex
The first storm to open our gallery was seen from EUMETSAT’s Metop-B polar orbiting satellite on 14 January. Alex went on to become a Hurricane and was the first Atlantic hurricane in January since hurricane Alice in 1955 and the first to form in the month since 1938. It dissipated on January 17.

2.Tropical cyclone Winston

Tropical cyclone Winston
This category 5 tropical cyclone is displayed as it makes landfall over Fiji on 20 February. Winston was the strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall in Fiji and the South Pacific basin in recorded history. Formed on February 7 and dissipated on March 3.

3.Tropical cyclone Fantala

Tropical cyclone Fantala
Fantala, shown in this image of 13 April, was the most intense tropical cyclone of the south-west Indian Ocean in terms of sustained winds. It formed on 11 April, to disappear completely on 27 April.

4.Tropical storms Mindulle and Lionrock

Tropical storms Mindulle and Lionrock
This image shows two tropical storms, Mindulle and Lionrock, near Japan on 22 August. Mindulle formed on August 17 and disappeared on August 23 while Lionrock formed on August 16 and dissipated on August 31.

5. A world of storms

A world of storms
This very special image shows our planet on 30 August during an active Pacific and Atlantic storm season with 3 hurricanes, 2 tropical depressions and 1 dissipating typhoon.

6. Hurricane Hermine

Hurricane Hermine
In this picture we can see Hurricane Hermine, as captured by Metop-B, on 1 September over the Gulf of Mexico. Hermine was the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Hermine formed on August 28 and dissipated on September 6.

7. Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew
This image, captured by EUMETAT’s Metop B polar orbiting satellite on 4 October, shows a zoom of Hurricane Matthew over Haiti, Cuba and Jamaica. Hurricane Matthew was a very strong hurricane and was the first category 5 since Hurricane Felix in 2007. It formed on September 28 and dissipated on October 10.

8. Typhoon Songda

Typhoon Songda
In this composite image of category 3 typhoon Songda in the northwest Pacific. Songda was the sixth most intense tropical cyclone of this region in 2016. The image is impressive as the typhoon gathers power and resembles a comet. Songda formed on October 3 and dissipated on October 16.

9. Typhoon Haima

Typhoon Haima
Haima was a category 3 typhoon in the Pacific Ocean, captured in this image by EUMETAT’s Metop B polar orbiting satellite on 17 October. Haima, known in the Philippines as super Typhoon Lawin, was the second most intense tropical cyclone of the North Pacific Ocean in 2016. It formed on October 14 and dissipated on October 26.

10. Tropical cyclone Vardah

Tropical cyclone Vardah
To close our year of storms, this composite image from 9 December shows Vardah in the Indian Ocean, closing in on India. Vardah was the most intense tropical cyclone over the North Indian Ocean this year. It formed on 6 December and dissipated on 13 December.

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