Latest roundup of Minecraft competition entries

During the Christmas holidays we received new entries for our Minecraft competition. Here’s a roundup of the latest ones.

Mélanie, a 16 year-old from France, built her own Jason-3 satellite.

8 year-old Caitlin from Germany drew Sentinel-3 scanning the oceans.

Pedro, from Portugal, decided to build his own ocean monitoring satellite.

Natalie, from Denmark, reproduced our Jason-3 satellite.

Leonie from Germany designed her own device to monitor the oceans.

Milhovil, from Croatia, built a Jason-3 ‘in flight” satellite.

Marinus, from Denmark, sent us his Jason-3 satellite, together with a cool youtube video navigating around and inside his satellite.

Katrine, also from Denmark, prepared her self-designed satellite model.

Don’t forget to vote your favourite entry or enter the competition here.


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