New roundup of Minecraft competition entries

As the competition is drawing to a close, here’s the latest minecraft entries roundup.

Luca, from Bucharest, Romania, sent us this satellite.

Sam, from the US, decided to build two satellites. Samuel says: “They both affect our lives in Nautical and Military terms. The reason why I made it like this was because I didn’t think that anyone else was going to do what I’m doing”.

You can watch a video of his creation here.

Fatma Zehra from Germany, sent us this design.

Reuben, from the United Kingdom, built the Jason-3 satellite orbiting on top of the sea.

Harrison, also from the UK, designed Jason-3.

Artur, from Portugal, sent us an image of his satellite, where you can see the laser monitoring the ground.

This satellite was built by Magnus, from Denmark.

Frederik, from Denmark, also built an amazingly detailed satellite.

Jelle, from Germany, built a really cool weathe rmonitoring-station on the Ocean. According to Jelle, “it has many of functions like own energy production from waves and wind. Or laboratories, buoys, probs ,a pump to collect water rehearse and a central room with some gadgets and computers to over look all data of weather. I think it’s important to have a look over the Weather but also the Nature because the station can also be used by nature scientists. This youtube video is a cinematic from the station there you can see all the features of the station.

Jelle also wished good luck to all the builders.

Ruben from Portugal. Decided to build Sentinel-3 over the sea.

Petar, from Croatia, designed a satellite of the European Union.

Henry, from England, designed his satellite with the wii.

Kiswah, from Australia, sent us her very own Jason-3

Caleb, from Ireland, designed a very detailed weather station.

Nicola, also from Ireland, sent us this satellite

Harrison, from England, designed this very detailed satellite.

Tikva, from Norway, created this very friendly satellite called Aurora.

John Clister from the Philippines created a highly detailed monitoring system. John says: “This is my (ATOMS) Atmospheric-Oceanic Monitoring System made up of different Buoys, Research Boats, gauges, a (GOF) Ground Observation Facility, and a Satellite that has similar instruments to Sentinel-3 and Jason-3.

Eoghan from Ireland, designed this satellite on the sea.

Jaime from Portugal, created Jameson, a satellite similar to Jason-3. On top of that, Jaime added a “earth meteorological center that monitors all the space satellites and other monitoring systems in earth and sea”.

Artem, from the Netherlands, came up with an original idea: “this idea based on fact that solar panels costs too much place and are heavy, so I came to an idea of big station that is flying on geostationary orbit and it produces energy with solar panels and transmits energy to other satellites by micro-waves. This would save space and weight for useful satellites load. Instead of solar panels, they could carry more scientific instruments and extend their live beyond live of solar panels effectiveness. In this Minecraft project, you can see under the flying transmission station a heavy satellite that takes measurements of various atmosphere and Earth indicators. It has no any solar panel and takes energy from the transmission station. Its only demo version of station, actually it should has more than one transmission antenna.”

Oliver from the UK, sent us his satellite with this description: “the solar panels collect power which is sent to an observer laser and powers the beam. The observer laser monitors the sea level while the antennas send the information back to earth”.

Miguel, from Spain, designed a whole system to monitor the oceans.

Miguel created: “a net of devices to proportionate more accurate weather information in real time allowing scientist to predict with more precision the weather. I’ve designed 4 devices: -The radio controlled submarine, that proportionate information about how is the sea under the surface, and also can check the quality of the water. It´s electric with 400Km of autonomy and can be easily be transported by boat. -The buoy, that gives information about the level of the sea, the wind and many other things. The balloon: It’s a big hot air balloon with equipment to collect data from what’s happening 30km or 40km up in the sky, such as temperature, moisture, direction and strength of the wind, radiation, pressure and with its especial camera, it can take photos. And the satellite: it’s connected to Galileo to be able to locate itself. It has many sensors, it can measure the radiation, temperature, pressure and with its special cameras it can record many things such infrared images, ultra violet images, thermal images and regular ones. Every one of these devices can connect to each other so they can coordinate and work together to accomplish more difficult tasks that will proportionate very important records to the scientist understand and predict better the weather and will also save lives.”

You can see more images here.

Shea, from Ireland, sent us a custom build satellite named Droidorb-11. The satellite has a radio antenna, twin solar panels, a dish and an interior filled with computers.

Massimo, from Italy, created POPOSAT. “POPOSAT is designed for monitoring weather conditions over the oceans. POPOSAT signals can be received directly on board by mean of a special antenna, as it can be seen on the ship below the satellite. POPOSAT has also a high-teach camera for taking pictures of clouds over the oceans.” More images here.

Ethan from Ireland, created a satellite equipped with a communications dish, a radio antenna, a nuclear reactor core and solar panels.

Jake, also from Ireland, designed Minecraft Jake.

Luis, from Spain, created a satellite made of very creative materials:  black wool for the satellite’s structure, golden blocks for the solar panels, iron bars for some parts of the satellite and levers for some ornaments.

Jaime from Spain, designed this Jason-3. You can visit his satellite here.

Maria, also from Spain, created this model.

And finally Alejandro, a Spanish boy, sent us his version of Jason-3

Make sure you check all the entries and vote for your favourite here.

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