Last Minecraft Competition entries

Patrick, from Romania, sent us this design of the Maple satellite.

David, a Portuguese boy, designed two ocean monitoring satellites, with an extra landing zone for Jason-3. Check out more pictures here.

Adam, from England, also prepared a model of Jason-3.

Nora, a girl from Denmark, made the NCS, “Noras Creative Satellite (NCS) – monitoring the ocean and space at the same time”

Medhi, from France, created this satellite.

Lucy, from England, sent us her own version of Jason-3.

Lex, also from England, invented the “wither monitoring manege”.

Rufus, from Germany, sent us the “Kronos” ocean monitoring system. You can also watch a video here where Rufus explains the features of his satellite.

Louis, from France, designed Sentinel-3 “flying over the EUMETSAT Island”.

Ninon, also from France, prepared Jason-3 “flying over the EUMETSAT Island”.

Greg, from the UK, entered the custom desing category of the competition with a satellite modelled on CubeSats flying in formation with another smaller satellite. Greg also sent us a very thorough and well-researched description of the features of his observing system.

Shay, from Ireland, designed “Shay’s satellite weather station”.

Philipp, from Germany, built Jason-3 in Minecraft in less than 4 hours.

Jamie, from Ireland, sent us this model.

Seung-Chan, from Germany, prepared this satellite.  You can see more detailed images here.

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