2018 competition ideas wanted!

Did you happen to see our fun Minecraft contest from last year?

We invited readers of the Learning Zone to get creative and put their Minecraft skills to the test by designing satellites – either based upon versions of EUMETSAT satellites, or creating their own unique models.

The competition was a big success and we received lots of really imaginative designs; there were even prizes for the two different categories and all entries were featured here on the blog.

We want your input

This year, we want to give our readers the chance to let their imagination run wild again, however, we’d like YOUR suggestions on what you think would make a good competition theme as a spectator or to try out yourself!

We’ve had some great ideas so far on our Twitter page, and are looking forward to receiving even more interesting thoughts. So, please think about the following:

  1. How can the design be created and what tools can be used (cooking, sketching etc.)
  2. Is the method safe and is it simple enough for many people to do?
  3. Is there any way to add some special meaning or message to it (for example, can your design help save the planet in some way/is it educational?)
  4. If there’s anything else you can think of,  just let us know!

Please send us your ideas before the 15th March, either in response to this post or in an email to: press@eumetsat.int

We will then choose our favourite from the pool of ideas and run the competition for the rest of the year (more details to come on that once a theme has been decided). We look forward to hearing your ideas!


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