Inside EUMETSAT: Meet Selene

We’ve been very lucky to have Selene Mori working with us as an intern for the last four weeks within our Strategy, Communication and International Relations (SCIR) division.

Selene is 20 years old and is studying communications at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz. She spoke to us about her experience here at EUMETSAT, explained why she wanted to complete her internship with us and also let us know of her hopes for the future:

“My studies teach me a lot about the theoretical side of PR, journalism and media. With this internship, I wanted to see how everything I learn is actually applied in “real life”. I chose EUMETSAT for my first experience in this field because my dad works here, so I’ve grown up knowing the organisation well.

“I’ve been along to Christmas parties and launches. I also remember coming for lunch and how excited I was to look at the screen in the entrance displaying the images that are sent from the satellites. For me, EUMETSAT has always been a very exciting, interesting and friendly environment to be in.”

“EUMETSAT has grown a lot. The number of people who work here has doubled since my dad started working here in 1999. But I can honestly say that nothing has changed about the people, and I still get that same feeling when I step into the building. To me, it is so fascinating to see what people do here. The work done at EUMETSAT is actually making a change and I wanted to make a change. I wanted to be a part of this, even if only for four weeks.”

Selene has definitely played a big part in helping us with our social media efforts, design work and content creation. With each task she has shown a lot of enthusiasm and brought some really good ideas to the table.

She added: “I am not a scientist. My grades in physics weren’t that great and as a kid I told my parents who are both engineers: “I will never, ever be an engineer”. But thanks to SCIR, the department which is responsible for the internal, external and international relations at EUMETSAT, it was possible even for me to contribute something to the organisation.”

“I had the chance to work with some amazing people here who aren’t just nice colleagues but also somehow became friends to me. Even though I’m the youngest here, everyone has had an open ear for me. I was never “just the intern”, I was actually part of the team. I had my own projects to work on and suggestions I made were accepted and supported. I was taken seriously by each person working here. Not only in the SCIR division but in every division at EUMETSAT.”

Doing an internship at an organisation like EUMETSAT can certainly help prepare you for the next stages of your career, providing you with a good foundation from which to start. It is also an opportunity to work in a unique, exciting environment.

Selene said “I really hope that after my bachelor and master degrees, I will find an organisation to work at similar to EUMETSAT. A place where I can be creative and am respected for the work I do and for the person I am. Even though I want to become a journalist, my time here showed me that PR would also be a very interesting field to work in.

I am sad to leave EUMETSAT but I’m sure there are some other great experiences out there waiting for me and I am excited to apply everything I learned here to my future internships and jobs.”

We’re very sad to see Selene go, and wish her all the best for the future – we’re sure she’ll go far wherever she ends up!

If you’d also like to consider getting involved at EUMETSAT, make sure you keep an eye on our Early Career Opportunities page.


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