Weather and Climate: The top 10 educational websites

Want to know more about the weather and climate? We thought so! That’s why we’ve made a list of the top ten websites (apart from this site, of course!) where you can learn allllll you ever wanted to know about both.

We’ll introduce each website with a small explanation of what it’s about, plus provide you with useful information on which ages the corresponding website is useful/appropriate for.

So – have fun exploring each website and learning by playing games!











1) JetStream

JetStream is an Online School for Weather offered by the National Weather Service. This site is a great source of information for weather & climate.

Everything on the site is written in a clear way, however it is recommended for older children and teenagers who have a good reading level, with some basic understanding of weather/climate. The website is divided into 15 different sections, including sections on the atmosphere, lightning and tropical weather. Each category is then split into more detailed sections, which makes it easy for you to find exactly the kind of information you are looking for.

2) The Young Meteorologist

“PLAN!T NOW proudly presents the: Young Meteorologist Program Severe Weather Preparedness Adventure!”

This is a fun game where, to get to the top of the mountain, you have to pass through five different weather conditions:

1) Hurricanes
2) Lightning
3) Flash Floods
4) Tornadoes
5) Winter Storms

On each level (under the motto “Be smarter than the weather”) you will learn a lot about the corresponding weather condition and how to act and react in extreme situations. After completing all five levels you will even get a certificate that you can print out!

This is a great site for children aged 10 years and up, since you need to be able to read, count and apply logic.

Good luck getting to the top of the mountain!

3) SciJinks

NOAA’s educational website for kids is “all about the weather”. This site provides information on current weather events, upcoming launches and basic information about the weather and climate. You can even find games to help you memorise all of the information you read. There is also a regular cartoon featured that gets updated regularly.

This website can be used by both teens and children who go to school and can read well. It might even be useful for adults who want to learn about the weather and climate in a fun way.










4) Weather Wiz Kids

Crystal Wicker, Meteorologist, is the brains behind this educational website. She designed Weather Wiz Kids “for children to allow them to learn more about the fascinating world of weather”.

Her website offers information about the weather and natural disasters. She also talks about experiments you can try at home or in class, which demonstrate natural phenomenons in a more practical and less technical way. This site is perfect for younger children and teens, and answers many common questions that might be asked about the weather.

5) BBC – Schools

The website offered by the BBC is very interactive and more appropriate for younger kids who want to learn the basics about weather. For example, you’ll find some fun animations about fog and wind there. The website also offers three small games in the category “weather and people”.

6) Kids Weather Report 

This is a very simple website for children who can’t read yet, but want to see the weather forecast. You can simply type in the city you live in or want the forecast for, and the weather for the current/next day is shown in an easy, understandable way!











7) National Geographic Kids on Youtube

National Geographic Kids offers a vast selection of playlists about different topics on its YouTube channel. One of them is called Wacky Weather Videos: Fun facts & more!

The videos are very fun to watch but also very educational at the same time, with lots of animations, images and useful information. You can watch videos about the weather in general, find out what causes tornadoes, thunder & lightning and much more!

8) EUMETSAT on YouTube

We also have our own YouTube channel! There you’ll find a playlist called Education, where there are cartoons explaining how weather forecasts are made and how EUMETSAT monitors the weather from space. We also have many other educational videos for all ages.

9) Kids Climate Conference (German only)

“Today’s kids will take over tomorrow’s world”

The aim of the Kids Climate Conference is to support a way of thinking and living that respects the environment. The biologist Jean Henkens came up with the idea of having a conference about problems regarding the climate just for kids in Germany. The last one took place in June 2017 on the topic of how the food we eat effects the climate.

If you are interested and want to learn more about this idea, check out the website.

10) Kids against climate change

As you can tell from the name, this website is all about climate change and how to prevent it. It provides lots of information on what climate change is, using videos and links. You can even submit your own art to show how you see climate change and what you think about it! On top of that, you can find information on what you, as a child or teenager can do and what your parents and adults in general can also do to slow down climate change.

Kids against climate change is a very colourful and interactive website which talks about a very important and serious topic in a way almost everyone can understand. Do you have ideas on how to slow down climate change? You can submit them here.

Be a part of the change!

Article written by Selene Mori, edited by Natalie Lunt

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