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Back in June we began our “Clean-up your space” contest and since then, we have received many fantastic entries – in fact we were overwhelmed with the quality of the models and enthusiasm of the entrants so passionate about helping the planet.

What most impressed us was the amount of attention to detail that went into everybody’s designs, the effort that everybody put into cleaning-up their neighbourhoods and the skill involved with some of the post-production.

It was very difficult for our judges to choose the winners, because everybody did such a great job! However in the end, they made their decisions based upon the criteria that was specified in the original competition entry requirements, which were:

          1. Creativity & Originality
          2. Practicality & Sustainability
          3. Aesthetic & Design

        Each entry was scored against these criteria, so that everybody could be judged fairly.

        But we don’t want to keep you waiting any longer – so ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here are the winners of the 2018 Clean-up your space contest!

        1st place – Henok Cela Ronderos, Spain

      1. Henok collected waste from his local surroundings and upcycled old furniture from his home to build (which we think you’ll agree) a very detailed and ambitious project based upon EUMETSAT’s Jason satellite. It was also a chance for Henok to learn some coding and electronics. And it’s not only us that were impressed with Henok’s work, the Museum of Energy in Ponferrada, León, Spain will be featuring the piece in their museum! Well done Henok – here is his entry in all its glory:

        2nd place – Aleksander Szauman-Szumski, Spain

        Aleksander impressed us not only with the finished model, but by the amount of waste he collected to build his creation. He ventured out to the beach and also along the side of the road to collect a variety of items – well done Aleksander! The litter he collected was upcycled into a very good likeness of our Jason satellite – see for yourself!

        3rd place – class 5e from collège Pierre Vernier, France

        We loved class 5e’s attempt at our headquarters in Darmstadt. They made great use of the litter they found and the chickens certainly seem to like it as much as us!


        We would like to give special mentions to the following participants, who also really impressed us with their models – it made us very happy to know that so many of you were interested in cleaning up your environment and doing something creative, well done!

        Julia Knill, Switzerland

        Doruk Gunduz, Turkey

        Class 9-C students: Vika Plakhotnia, Vika Hrechuha, Karolina Heydarova & Vika Kachanova from the Taras Shevchenko Himnazia school, Ukraine

      1. *After the work of the students was shared on the school’s social media channels, the idea of using litter from the surrounding areas and upcycling it into something interesting inspired the whole school to do a similar campaign, joined by the parents as well. We think this is abolutely wonderful and we do hope this competition inspires even more people. Here are some images kindly provided by Taras Shevchenko Himnazia school.*
      2. Valeria Hamalova, Slovakia

        Alin Marian Iordan, Romania

        Elena Lindner, Germany

        The HC group by students: Lucía Raña, María Ciruela, Ilenia Ruiz, Javier Sanjuán, Pablo Vera, Ezequiel Morillo, Celestino Ortiz de Galisteo from the Colegio Huerta De La Cruz school, Spain


        The Marina group by students: Iván Aguilar, Lucía Torres, Alberto, Gonzalo, Cristina Morales, Javier Rodriguez, Gabriel Téllez, Ana Rodriguez & Adriana Piñero from the Colegio Huerta De La Cruz school, Spain


        We’d like to give a big thank you to EVERYBODY that entered and for all your hard work. We hope that you enjoyed following this contest and that you’ll be inspired to clean-up your own neighbourhoods!

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