Take a look around our new control centre

We recently had quite a big makeover at our headquarters in Darmstadt and can finally reveal the new look…

Say hello to our new Geostationary Mission Control Centre – the most modern satellite control centre in Europe!

EUMETSAT Geostationary Mission Control Centre

The bright, open space was officially unveiled at the end of November to members of the local press and guests at a special press conference, who were given some brief presentations on EUMETSAT activities by EUMETSAT staff Alain-Ratier, Mike Williams and Joachim Saalmueller, plus an explanation as to why the satellite data is so important for weather forecasting by Prof. Dr Gerhard Adrian, President of the Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD).

Guests being briefed on the new control centre

The centre was officially opened with the push of a button by Dr Tobias Miethaner, who is the Head of the Digital Society Directorate-General in the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Alain Ratier (L) and Dr Tobias Miethaner (R)

The weather forecasts in Europe depend heavily on the data from EUMETSAT’s satellites, therefore it was important for the design of the new work station to incorporate the latest technology, whilst providing an efficient working environment for the controllers there.

Any screen can be used to monitor any ground segment facility, which means the the controllers are not fixed to one screen – the screens can be “moved” to them.

Work has already begun on an upgrade of our Low Earth Orbit Mission Control Centre and is expected to be finished some time in 2020.

Until then… take a look at this video to get a bird’s-eye view of the snazzy new room. You will also find some more images of the room and press conference here.

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