Meet the Satellite – Jason-3

In this new instalment of our “Meet the Satellite” video series, Benjamin Loveday, Marine Earth Observation Scientist at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML), is leading us on a journey to discover the instruments on board the Jason-3 satellite.

Jason-3 was launched in 2016 to continue the Ocean Surface Topography Mission of the Jason satellites, that started out as a successor of the Topex-Poseidon satellite. Its main purpose is to collect sea surface height data from space, thus giving us important information to better understand the Earth’s changing climate.

Jason-3 contributes to the Copernicus Programme by bringing us the latest on ocean topography and much more.

In this episode, Benjamin talks about Poseidon, Doris and JPS …are you curious to find out what their job on the satellite is and how they help form the information gathered on the sea height-measurements that Jason-3 provides?

Then check out the video to get to know each instrument on board the real-size model of Jason-3 …you’ll even get a glimpse of EUMETSAT’s headquarters.


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