The great weather satellite bake off 2019

While some of you might have been busy building amazing space themed parkours for our 2019 Fortnite Competition, some other people got their hands dirty with our baking competition on social media.

The “Great Weather Satellite Bake-off” ran from August to the end of October and participants had a go at baking “space themed” cakes in the shape of our satellites, ground stations, or whatever came to their imagination.

We received some great entries and, while selecting was a very difficult process, here are the final winners of the competition:

Mia baked this wonderful space-themed cake representing a planet with a satellite and with the added bonus of a little green alien.

William sent us a picture of his mouth-watering cake: a triumph of chocolate covered with stars and topped by an amazing satellite replica.

Francesco stuck to the “EUMETSAT” theme and baked a very detailed rendition of the Jason-3 satellite made up of a chocolate sponge, milk cream filling and white chocolate antennas. We also had the chance to taste it and the looks were not deceiving: the cake was really good.

Martino built a very creative version of our Meteosat satellite that included some gummy-bear instruments and illustrated the satellite rotating around the Earth.

We were lucky enough to have a piece of his bake as well and our taste buds loved it.

Finally, we received this “galaxy” cake from Laura. She was very thorough in her baking process and showed us the steps involved in the construction of her cake.

This masterpiece included a galaxy coating, a filling made up of coloured “planets” and was topped by our Jason-3 satellite.

We really enjoyed having a piece of this sugary heaven.

If you want to see more pictures of Laura’s cake, have a look at our Instagram channel.

This competition was a lot of fun and we will definitely try to repeat the experience in the future.

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