Minecraft Competition – Felix Reiniger

12 year-old Felix from Switzerland sent in this incredible version of EUMETSAT's Meteosat satellite for the 2015 Minecraft Competition. Felix's design is vast, measuring over 50 blocks across at its widest, and featur ...

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Minecraft Competition – Alexander Painter

13 year-old Alex Painter from the UK sent in this highly detailed custom design for our 2015 Minecraft competition, which he has named Long Distance Reconnaissance Probe (LDRP). The design of his spacecraft is technic ...

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Minecraft Competition – Sam Mullarkey

10 year-old Sam send us his 'DockableWeatherShipNB101' design for our 2015 Minecraft competition. His design is very intricate and well thought-out, providing all of the amenities any space-farer could possibly need, ...

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